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About us

National Information Security & Safety Authority

Cybersecurity is a growing global phenomenon, which according to reports are increasing at more rapid rate in our region than any other region of the world. Consequently, Libya need to urgently scale up efforts to combat the threats through inclusive approach involving government, private sector, academia and civil society organizations. As a swift response to that, the National Information Security and Safety Authority (NISSA) established by a decree No# (28) in 22nd January 2013 by the Ministerial Council of the State of Libya

Vision Statement

To lead the state of Libya in safeguarding dynamically the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resiliency of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) infrastructure, resources, services and data by providing top-quality information security and safety services, also, to be positioned as an authoritative source for trusted information security expertise in the region.

Mission Statement

Promote and sustain secure use of ICTs as well as prevent, detect and respond effectively to the associated risks.



Good leadership adopts a model of aligning national results with goals and coordination internally and externally


Fundamental wealth, which has the loyalty and belonging and believes in the concept of public service

Beneficiary satisfaction

The participation and satisfaction of service recipients, the main driver of performance design and development

Efficiency and efficiency in performance

Complete the required tasks with efficiency, effectiveness and high quality

Transparency and integrity

Justice, transparency, accountability and confidence-building

Cooperation and teamwork

Working with one team spirit, cooperation, and exchanging opinions

Excellence and innovation

Promote and reward initiative and creativity and adopt the principle of continuous learning and exchange of knowledge


Belief in change for the better and strive for progress and continuous improvement

Authority Membership

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+218 21 3614115

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