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  • Authority requirements to meet safety standards and network protection policy

  • Preventive steps that provide protection and safety of your data on the Internet

  • Vision

    Leading Libya to provide the most successful methods and services to ensure the protection and integrity of the confidentiality and integrity of information and data

  • Mission

    Promote and support the safe use of information and communications technology resources, as well as prevent, detect and respond effectively to the associated risks.

  • Values

    Leadership, human resources, recipient satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency in performance, transparency and integrity


    Through these tasks, the general frameworks of the authority’s mandate can be summarized in the following
    NISSA works on preparing plans and studies needed to continuously improve the level of information security nationwide.
    NISSA provide security solutions that are related to its mandate such as firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems and Anti-viruses
    NISSA evaluates and reviews networks and systems while issuing accreditation certificates ensuring the application of national and international standards and requirements.
    NISSA is mandated to establish the correct principles necessary to formulate the ICT safety and security policies and standards and the needed guides and definitions.
    NISSA continuously monitors the national network and works on improving its performance and ensures their safety and compliance with internationally approved standards
    NISSA maintains continuous communication with its constituency in both private and public sectors in order to consolidate all efforts devoted to the safety and security of information.

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